Real Travel Insurance in Regina!

Since 1991 affordable Regina insurance company, Travel Guardian Insurance has been helping Canadians with services to choose the most suitable insurance for their travelling needs.

From basic travelling to emergency health care and covering clients with specific health conditions we at TGE cover almost each and every aspect of travel insurance and even help those people get insurance who are usually turned down by most insurance agencies.

For us, getting travel insularity should be one of the most important and non negotiable options for anyone who is travelling outside the country be it for business or pleasure.

So what makes travel insurance so important?

Having insurance basically helps you overcome any kind of unwelcome travel emergency especially when you are travelling outside the country. We look at your travel insurance needs and then provide you with the best quotes from Canada’s top most travel insurance services companies like Lloyds of London, Industrial Alliance, RBC, Manulife, Co-operators, RSA and many more. Most of the travel insurance packages cover all of the following plans but we also offer specialized policies for clients who have specific travel needs:

  • Regina Travel Worldwide
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Baggage Insurance
  • Rental Car Protection
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Pre existing Condition coverage with as Short as 7 day stability

If you have proper health protection you can be rest assured that all your unseen medical or emergency travel costs are claimed and covered by the insurance company or else you will have to pay for all the heavy expenses out of your own pocket! For instance, even a couple of days in a hospital at a foreign land can prove extremely expensive for you.

Usually coping with a out of country medical travel emergency without Regina Travel insurance services can set anyone back by a long shot which makes travelling without insurance not worth the risk after all!