Travel Insurance for everyone! We provide tailored travel insurance solutions around the unique needs of our individual clients.  Our leading edge is our extensive product line offering the most affordable rates to provide you and your family with solid protection.  Whether you are traveling outside of your home province or country, visiting Canada or looking for a personalized healthcare plan – we have you covered.


Whether you’re traveling to another province or outside of Canada, make sure you have insurance should the unexpected happen.

. If you are a visitor to Canada, here are the top 5 things to do in Ontario as a first-time visitor


Planning a visit, moving to Canada or perhaps returning from a long stay abroad?  Get the coverage you will need before you arrive.


Life is unpredictable.  Don’t risk becoming overloaded with out-of-pocket medical expenses.  Invest in a personalized healthcare plan today.

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Travel Insurance for Everyone.

Ready to get insured? In a few steps you can get a live quote and buy, everything online. Or you can talk to our specialists and they will find you the best coverage at the best rate.


Customer reviews

Happy clients are the best form of advertising. Read more of our stellar reviews here.

Our unique circumstance was such that we couldn’t insure a particular risk while travelling. I looked for an insurance broker. The reviews I read here were favourable. We had a very good experience with Travel Guardian Insurance. They were able to find coverage that met our needs. We would easily do business with them anytime. 

Gary R.

I highly recommend this company, my grandma was told she wouldn’t be able to get travel insurance to go to Asia, which would have been her last chance to go. Travel Guardian reviewed her medical history and got the proper supporting documentation and determined they could cover her. Because of this company she has been able to go to Asia twice to see her family. Thanks Travel Guardian!

Christina M.

I highly recommend Travel Guardian Insurance. I am 85 and have, as expected, some issues. They were dealt with and although the premium was not inexpensive I will now travel, worryfree, knowing that I am completely covered. The representative, I had the pleasure of dealing with was patient, knowledgeable and professional . Thank you

Simon B.

The Travel Guardian team represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced in the industry. Information is always accurate, turn around time to questions and quote requests always very fast. Staff is always very clear and takes the time to be very detailed with clients to help them make an informed decision quickly, minimising the end to end time to make their process an excellent experience.

Margaret J.

We have been insuring with Travel Guardian for a number of years and been completely satisfied with the responsiveness and level of service provided. Additionally, we have from time to time compared Travel Guardian's prices with other providers and have always found the best price with Travel Guardian.

Linda M.

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No matter how much you plan before your vacation or travel, unforeseen circumstances can always dampen a trip. But don't worry — Travel Guardian Insurance is here for all your travel uncertainties with our exclusive range of Travel Insurance Plans.

Travel insurance is aimed to indemnify against potential dangers, emergency circumstances, and financial losses that may occur while travelling. Some of our policies cover missed flight arrangements and misplaced luggage and others cover accidents or acute diseases.

Our Travel Insurance policies will give you the right coverage for your specific needs — such as travel health insurance, baggage insurance and multi-trip benefits to keep you protected throughout your travels.

Travel Guardian Insurance prioritizes customer service. Our travel insurance specialists will guide you through our travel insurance plans and answer any questions you may have. We believe that age should never be a restriction to travelling! Coverage can account for health conditions with individual health plans.

Travel Guardian Insurance also offers travel insurance to young people and families. If your trip gets cancelled, a health issue arises, you have to travel internationally, or you wish to travel out of the province, look no further than Travel Guardian Insurance for affordable travel insurance plans.

Travel Guardian Insurance has been trusted by international travellers since 1991. Beginning in Ontario, we now have five offices across Canada. Our experts will get you the finest insurance at the fairest price!

Why choose Travel Guardian Insurance?

We make it simple to get the finest travel coverage plan for your trip. Finding low-cost, high-quality travel insurance can be challenging. Travel Guardian make the process easy and stress-free! Don't make travel insurance a frustrating process — our travel insurance specialists will guide you through the entire process.

We customize our travel insurance plans according to our client's specific requirements.

Travel Guardian Insurance can help you cover the costs of:

Medical expenses if you are injured while travelling or become sick.

Lost baggage or stolen valuables.

Travel disruption if your trip is cancelled, delayed or interrupted by events beyond your control (such as natural disasters).

Rescheduling expenses if you have to change your travel plans.

What do we offer?

Our competitive advantage is our wide product range, which offers the cheapest travel insurance rates to provide the best travel insurance coverage. We have you covered if you go outside your native province or country, visit Canada, or seek a customized healthcare plan. Our services for travel insurance include:

Canadians Travelling

Travelling to Canada

Individual Health Plans

If you are ready to be insured, you can receive a live quotation and fill everything online in just a few steps. Alternatively, you may talk to our specialists, who can help you find the best coverage at the lowest price.