When preparing for your travel abroad, it is essential to have complete health coverage when planning your out of country adventure.  Specifically, an insurance plan that will understand medical care and practices worldwide.

Common Expatriate Travel Insurance benefits

Our expatriate plans include coverage for (but not limited to) the following:

  • In-patient Hospital benefits (i.e. hospital stay, physician services, ambulance services, etc.)

  • Professional medical services (i.e. physiotherapist, chiropractor, etc.)

  • Private duty nurse

  • Out-patient services (i.e. physician services, medical tests, prescription drugs, etc.)

  • Emergency dental treatment

  • Emergency air transportation back to home country (pre-approval needed)

  • Family transportation for a family member to be with you while in hospital (pre-approval needed)

  • Complicated maternity (i.e. pre-natal care, childbirth and post-natal care costs, etc.)

  • Emergency medical treatment in the United States

  • Repatriation or local burial

Travel Insurance for Everyone.

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