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If you plan to live or work in a foreign country, ensure you have the proper coverage you need while you are overseas.

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Canadians are lucky enough to already have regional healthcare coverage in case of certain health problems; however, it does not always provide you with essential protection from unexpected medical bills.

If you are a Canadian and wish to head out of your province or country for some fun without supplemental health insurance, there is a chance that you may quickly get overwhelmed with out-of-pocket payments. Your expenses may rapidly increase whether you require short-term or long-term treatment for a certain emergency.

When it comes to choosing travel insurance, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to decide what type of coverage you need. Secondly, the cost and duration of the insurance policy. Lastly, will the insurance plan cover your pre-existing medical conditions and if there is 24-hour emergency assistance in case of any mishap?

Fortunately, Travel Guardian Insurance covers all your essential concerns, and with our skilled experts, you will be guided about the best Canadian Travel Insurance plans. Some of our Canadian Travel Insurance coverage includes:


With our best Canadian Travel Insurance plan, you can have the ease of mind to travel abroad without the fear of unexpected expenses to empty your pockets at the last moment. If you are more of a snowbird and headed South to relish the cozy winters with your partner, some health concerns worry you at the back of your mind.

Travel Guardian Insurance offers the best Canadian travel insurance, covering your health concerns and everything from your baggage to the international trip. Our finest insurance plans will make your trip fun and memorable without any doubts or uneasiness.


If you are thinking of moving out of the province for some time, either for a holiday trip to relax or to visit your relatives and stay with them for a month, our Canadian Travel Insurance plan will give you complete coverage for moving out of the province easily and ensure that your slightest inconveniences are washed away.


If you are an ambitious student who wishes to pursue higher studies abroad in a foreign country and make a career, you have some concerns. A study semester away from home may be an exciting and enjoyable time. Still, it can also be quite distressing if you have an unforeseen emergency while away from home. Hospital rates outside Canada have become exceedingly costly, and your provincial healthcare coverage only covers a tiny percentage of these expenditures. We provide emergency health insurance to Canadian students studying at overseas universities.

We know how much young people are anxious to stay away from home, so; we have the best Canadian travel insurance to help you hasten up your academics without worrying about unforeseen emergencies.


When planning an out-of-country trip, it is critical to have comprehensive health insurance coverage, specifically, an insurance plan that understands medical care and practices worldwide. If you are planning to live abroad or wish to continue your career in a foreign country, we have the best Canadian travel insurance plan to make you stay away from home trouble-free. We understand that travelling away from home is tough, so we offer travel insurance to ensure safe and secure travelling.

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