Whether you’re traveling regionally, across our great nation or internationally, Canadians who travel outside their home province or country should be aware of their provincial healthcare plan as well as any and all exclusions.  Let one of our specialists worry about the details and help walk you through the process.

Travel Insurance coverage options

The following insurance products provide peace of mind regarding financial loss or expenses associated with your travel plans or can offer remuneration in the event of death or a life altering dismemberment.

Insurance For Traveling Out Of Province

You may assume you are fully covered when traveling to another province, but it is important to know that universal coverage is not provided across Canada. Your provincial healthcare plan only covers you for specific medical expenses incurred in your home province or territory. Additional health insurance is strongly advised whenever you travel outside your home province.

Insurance For Traveling Out Of Country

If you are injured or become ill when traveling away from Canada, you are fully responsible to pay for any emergency medical services not covered by your provincial healthcare plan.

If you are a frequent traveler and taking multiple trips within a year, our multi-trip annual plan is a one-time purchase that allows you to travel freely while ensuring the coverage you need for each trip within any given year. Save time (one application) and money (one cost) on your upcoming travel plans.

Do you need a top-up on your coffee insurance?

You may need a “top-up” if you are traveling for longer than your existing insurance plan allows.  Our top-up option bridges the gap in your coverage so you remain protected your entire trip.


If you already on your trip and decide to stay for a few extra days, simply call for an extension on your insurance before your policy expires.

Cover costs for unexpected events or emergencies that come up before or during your trip.

Traveling together has its advantages. Preferred pricing is available when families travel together and save on individual fees when traveling in groups of 15 or more to the same destination.

Don’t let your lost luggage get you down. Baggage insurance provides you with the essentials that you need on your trip.

All in one plan for your upcoming vacation.

Coverage at special rates are available for competitive sporting activities. Group sports teams also benefit from reduced minimum prices for the team.

Travel Insurance for Everyone.

Ready to get insured? In just a few steps, you can get a live quote and buy coverage online. Or, you can talk to our specialists and they will find you the best coverage at the best rate.