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Canadians Traveling, Thinking About Taking a Trip?

Traveling soon? Lucky you!  Ensure you have travel medical insurance should an illness or accident happen, whether you are traveling regionally, across our great nation or internationally.  Understanding your Provincial healthcare plan coverage and what it excludes before you go will let you rest easy.  Enjoy your trip worry free by filling the gaps left by your Provincial healthcare with travel medical insurance.

Insurance For Traveling Out Of Province

Thinking you are fully covered when traveling to another Province is not correct.  Universality, or what is covered and how much is paid, does not exist across Canada.  Your Provincial healthcare plan covers you for specific medical expenses as if they incurred in your home province or territory.  Additional health insurance is strongly advised when you travel outside your home Province.

Insurance For Traveling Out Of Country

You are fully responsible, should you be injured or become ill when traveling outside Canada, to pay the healthcare provider(s).  It is your responsibility to cover fees for emergency or medical services not covered by your Provincial healthcare plan.  In some cases, your discharge may be withheld until arrangements for payment are made.

For Example:

In the United States, on average, a one-night stay in a hospital without any treatment at all may cost up to $10,000 per day.  Some hospitals in the U.S. and other countries may not admit patients without evidence of adequate medical coverage.

Your Provincial healthcare plan may only offer a very limited amount of coverage for very specific medical expenses incurred outside your province or territory of residence.  In many cases, it may subsidize less than half of the actual cost you are charged.

What To Know Before You Go

Canadians traveling outside their home Province or Country should be aware of their Provincial healthcare coverage.  In addition, knowing all exclusions which can be quite daunting.  One of our travel insurance specialists will walk you through the process of determining the coverage you need.

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