When deciding to go to school in Canada, you’re normally required to find private medical coverage.  In most provinces, you’re not covered by the local healthcare. In fact, for the majority of institutions, healthcare coverage is a requirement to staying enrolled.  Many universities arrange for coverage through their own providers, but not all do.  If you’re planning to attend a private institution or are attending secondary/high school, you’ll need to find coverage on your own.

Common International Student Travel Insurance benefits

Our student plans generally, include coverage for:

  • Emergency medical treatment services (i.e. hospital stay, ambulance to hospital, etc.)

  • Professional medical services (i.e. physiotherapist, chiropractor, etc.)

  • Emergency air transportation (pre-approval needed)

  • Annual physician visits

  • Non-emergency treatment directly following an initial emergency medical treatment

  • Tutorial services

  • Maternity, pre-natal care

  • Dental, vision and hearing services

  • Psychiatric/psychological expenses directly following an emergency medical treatment

  • Family transportation for a family member to be with you while in hospital (pre-approval needed)

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance

  • Repatriation

Travel Insurance for Everyone.

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