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Welcome to Travel Guardian Insurance – an online travel insurance resource for Canadian snowbirds as well as people planning on visiting the charming city of Prince Albert, Canada. This four season tourist attraction is affordable for people of all ages and interests. From amazing water and snow sport activities to culturally unique attractions, spending a vacation in this vibrant city is a great option for you if you are planning on experiencing the ultimate Canadian Holiday.

Why Do You Need Price Albert Travel Insurance?

Every year more and more travelers are becoming aware of the importance of getting a sound travel protection policy in place before venturing out on an international holiday. Contrary to what most people who think that it is okay to pass up on getting their holiday insured might think, there is a high incidence of travelers facing any of these situations when they are travelling internationally or within the country:

  • Misplaced or stolen luggage
  • Trip delay, interruption or cancellation
  • Road, Flight or Train Accident
  • Medical Emergency

This is why travel protection should be an essential to everybody’s holiday for the downside of not having one can cause serious damage to your investments in the case of loss of your personal property as well as paying up medical expenses in a foreign land which can cost you much more than your holiday expenses. This is why once travelers have experienced the agony of not being able to make a claim during a holiday emergency they never ever travel without insurance!

But why wait to get into an unpleasant situation on your holiday which can cost you a great trip as well as some serious damage to your savings. Allow us to give you the best travel protection suitable for your budget and enjoy a safe and comfortable holiday!