Travel Insurance Hamilton

Incredibly Affordable Travel Insurance Company in Hamilton!

After more than 22 years of services experience in providing affordable travel protection for our ever expanding clientele of more than 70,000 travelers no other company in all of Canada understands travel insurance like that way we do at TGI.

From comprehensively covered insurance company policies to fully customized travel protection schemes, Travel Guardian Insurance offers the best quality schemes at the most affordable Travel Insurance Hamilton rates that you will find in all of Hamilton!

Travel Guardian Insurance offers comprehensive travel insurance plans for all Canadian and its Hamilton customers under three basic formats:

  • Build Your Own Insurance Policy – This type of plan allows you to pick out coverage that is unique to your travelling needs as well as your budgetary requirements.
  • All inclusive Travel Protection – Here you can include a whole range of insurance policies to get your holiday completely covered and protected for yourself and your family.
  • Annual Insurance Coverage – If you are a frequent traveler then this is the most effective plan for you as it will allow you to avail travel insurance throughout the year in a very comprehensive yet highly affordable manner.

And if you are wondering about our claim to be the one insurance broker in Hamilton that is sure to give you the cheapest yet most dependable insurance cover in the market we accomplish this by combing the market for the best deals when it comes to insurance policies.

At present we are researching and comparing policies from more than eighteen of the best Canadian insurance agencies which include companies and brokers like Lloyds of London, Industrial Alliance, RBC , Manulife, Co-operators, RSA and many more of the top names in the insurance industry in this country.

Once you send in a request for a free quote we draw up a list of company insurance policies that will be most suitable for your travelling needs. Make sure that your holiday is completely covered in case of any kind of emergency situation while you are away! Get the best Travel Insurance Hamilton has to offer today!