Taking a chance on not having travel insurance is like trying your luck on a game of cards, it’s a risk. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Don’t count on beginner’s luck, increase the odds in your favour so you can be a winner on your next trip.

Taking a chance, you say!

Thinking of heading to Vegas for your chance to win at the tables? Leave the game of chance at the casino, not on your medical coverage. Remember, even a weekend of fun across the border without travel insurance, you’re taking a chance.

Learn to play your cards right and save your chips!

If poker is a game of skill then play your cards right by purchasing travel insurance before your next vacation. Don’t end up with empty pockets because you had to spend your chips on an unexpected visit to the hospital.

Travel insurance is like a good poker hand. Don’t know how to play? Why take a risk in playing a game that you know nothing about. There are 52 cards in a deck, but you don’t have to keep the cards you’re dealt. Let your Travel Insurance Specialist assist you in choosing the right “hand” for your trip.

Do you want your emergency to be a game changer?

Imagine winning and throwing down your cards on the table and breaking your wrist, now what?! Since accidents can happen in the best of times, don’t let it be your game changer. Ensure that you have the coverage that you need just in case.

We don’t want you to go without insurance and risk your shot at the jackpot. Play it safe and contact one of our Travel Insurance Specialists today!