Puerto Vallarta has many unique dining options, particularly found off-the-resort. By venturing outside of your resort, you can find little hidden gems. I’m excited to share a few of my favourites with you!

Do you like to try new dining experiences?

Some people who travel to Puerto Vallarta or Mexico are anxious about leaving their resort due to unpleasant stories about contaminated food or water. Yes, you should always take precautions, but most restaurants are very careful, as negative reviews can adversely affect their businesses.

For some travelers, they like to stay close to the hotel and relax, but for others they like to try new dining experiences. Puerto Vallarta offers all kinds of selections as tourists often get bored of the same resort food. There is authentic Mexican food and other restaurants that make you feel like you are traveling somewhere else.

Experience dining out in Old Town Vallarta!

If you are headed to Old Town Vallarta, which is a bit further down the Malecon, Bravos and Siam Cocina Thai are two restaurants that are well worth trying out. These restaurants not only offer class, but offer a fantastic array of delectable choices made with the freshest local products and presented beautifully. With this exquisite atmosphere, amazing décor and delightful attentive staff, it’s definitely a place to go if you want to treat yourself.

Classic dishes with tasteful elegance, Bravos brings some of the classics to the table with sophisticated style. If you are missing your chicken & beef that’s not in a taco, this is the place to discover.

Thai in Mexico! Siam Cocina Thai is a great choice when you are looking for some variation. This delight offers you a Southeast Asian cuisine with the flavors and décor that make you feel like you’re in another exotic location.

Looking for a more casual dining experience?

Ah Caramba is located higher up with an open concept environment.  You can enjoy your meal in the fresh air while relaxing with a great view of the ocean and downtown Puerto Vallarta. They’re very friendly and you should feel very satisfied with the portions they serve.  From the moment you arrive, you have a very polite boy open the taxi door for you (it’s always nice to tip him) to the enjoyable service you receive while there.

Bubble Waffle is the place to stop and try a waffle! Their location is a bit hidden, but once you have one of these, you will not be hungry until dinner! This yummy waffle place gives you all kinds of different choices (cooked right inside the waffle), then topped off with even more deliciousness. If you like waffles, this is a must-try! Especially for the cost, it’s well worth it.

If you are looking for more authentic Mexican food and entertainment, Pipi’s is the place to be! It’s like being at a Mexican fiesta – after having one of their margarita’s. Pipi’s offers large portion sizes, delicious guacamole prepared for you at the table, and classic margaritas with various flavor options. Also, while you’re sipping on your not-so-small margarita (you’ll know what I mean when you’re there), you can enjoy the charming music from the mariachi band.

When visiting somewhere you’ve never been, it’s always good to read reviews and do your research. Vacation packages and all-inclusive resorts are wonderful but, consider adding a new experience on your next trip!

Just a few of Holly’s hidden hospitality hints, enjoy!