Yes, you planned your trip with bookings confirmed and checklists completed, but life as we know is unpredictable sometimes; but, if you have your best Travel Insurance policy in place,there is nothing too worrisome. To fully prepare for unforeseen events and travel in style, here are a few common mistakes to avoid while buying travel insurance to ensure a smooth and memorable experience.

1. Not Properly Declaring Medical History

Most travellers do not declare their current medical condition due to fear of rejection or delay. If you do not want your travel insurance claim to be denied, make sure to disclose all details of your pre-existing medical information. Travel Insurance in Canada is underwritten usually at the time of claim, this is when they may pull your medical records to verify the information is accurate.

2. Buying Too Late or After Arrival

Imagine you landed at the airport, and God forbid you got into an inevitable emergency. Do you want to ruin your trip this way? Of course not! Before travelling, make sure to get your travel insurance ahead of time and let our best Canadian travel insurance team assist you in choosing the suitable option for you.

3. Only Falling For Low Premium

Undoubtedly, we all want to avail most from a very low budget. Customers usually get trapped in such marketing campaigns that offer low premiums but do not cover the overall benefits they need or are expecting. Before signing up for Canadian Travel Insurance, look for all the benefits they offer, stability requirements and pre-existing coverages, not only limited to the premium cost, is crucial.

4. Not Knowing the Terms and Conditions

One of the most common mistakes buyers mostly do is not reading the policy document properly and skipping the terms and conditions. Always give attention to the details that is included and/or excluded in travel insurance.

5. Not Knowing the Coverage Limits

Please do not buy travel insurance only for the sake of having it. It will become a lifetime nightmare for you in case of any need. Always get details of the plan you are buying and go for the options that will give you the best coverage for your potential emergency medical treatment plus additional services.

6. Not Knowing the Claim Procedure

Properly read the policy document to be fully aware of the claim process. This will save you from regret and delays while claiming travel insurance. Most of the claims for Travel Insurance in Canada would be to contact the designated claims assistance company prior to seeking medical treatment if at all possible.

7. Only Covering Part of Trip

Keep your travel insured for the entire duration of your trip or travelling dates. Opt for the option that covers the entire trip so that you have travel insurance with you for a safe trip in case of any change/extension /early return.

8. Unsafe Excursions

If you are planning any adventurous and thrilling activities, you must completely know the exclusion and limitations of an insurance policy. Discuss your plans with our best Canadian Travel Insurance specialists to get the proper travel insurance policy.

9. Out of Province Travel without Insurance

The common misconception is that your Government Health Insurance Plan provides full coverage while travelling within Canada . It is strongly suggested from each province that if you are travelling outside your home province, that you purchase out of province emergency medical in addition to your GHIP.

10. Choosing the Wrong Plan

Though looking for insurance options might be challenging, most travellers end up with the same policy recommended by family/friends or seem affordable without looking at other options. To be safe, do not forget to hunt for the best coverage for you at the best rate with a Canadian Travel Insurance company. Every traveller’s needs are different such as, trip details, age, and medical conditions, etc. Find the best coverage and rates for your needs! .

Keep informed & happy travelling!

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