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Are you an international student heading to Canada for your studies? Welcome to the Great White North! As you prepare for this enriching experience, it’s crucial to ensure you have comprehensive health insurance coverage. Travel Guardian Insurance understands the challenges students might face when relocating to a new country, especially concerning health insurance. Here are some essential tips for securing the right coverage while studying in Canada. 

 1. Understand Your University’s Requirements

Many Canadian universities have specific health insurance prerequisites for international students. These requirements might vary based on the province and institution. Familiarize yourself with these prerequisites to ensure you meet all the mandatory criteria. 

 2. Explore Provincial Health Care

Canada’s healthcare system differs from many other countries. While some provinces offer basic health coverage to international students, it might not be comprehensive. Research the healthcare options available in the province you’ll be residing in and whether you qualify for provincial health care. 

3. Assess Your Needs

Evaluate the coverage offered by your university or the province. Determine if it meets your specific healthcare requirements. Often, additional coverage might be necessary for services not included in basic plans, such as dental, vision, or prescription medication coverage. 

4. Look Into Private Health Insurance

Consider purchasing additional private health insurance to fill any gaps in coverage. Travel Guardian Insurance offers tailored plans for international students, ensuring a wide range of coverage, including medical emergencies, hospitalization, and more. Ensure the plan aligns with your specific needs and budget. 

5. Know the Policy Details

Before committing to any insurance plan, thoroughly understand the policy details. Be aware of the coverage limits, waiting periods, renewal processes, and any exclusions to avoid any surprises when making a claim. 

6. Plan for Emergencies

Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures in Canada. Save important numbers, including local hospitals, your insurance provider’s contact information, and emergency services (such as 911) to address any unforeseen medical situations promptly. 

7. Stay Informed on Updates

Keep yourself updated on any changes in the healthcare system or insurance policies in Canada. Being informed will help you adapt and make necessary adjustments to your coverage if required. 

8. Timely Renewals

Ensure your insurance policy is regularly renewed to avoid any lapses in coverage. Stay proactive about renewals to guarantee continuous protection throughout your stay in Canada. 



Moving to Canada for your education is an exciting adventure. Yet, ensuring your health and well-being is safeguarded with adequate insurance is of utmost importance. Travel Guardian Insurance aims to assist international students in securing comprehensive health coverage, tailored to their needs, offering peace of mind throughout their academic journey in Canada. 

Remember, adequate preparation and the right insurance coverage will make your stay in Canada smoother and more enjoyable. Contact Travel Guardian Insurance to explore the best travel insurance options for international students coming to Canada. Prepare for the unexpected and focus on your studies without worries about health coverage. 

Safe travels and best wishes for your academic pursuits in Canada!