Purchasing travel insurance can seem overwhelming with so many options. Fortunately, Travel Guardian Insurance is available to ensure that you select the appropriate and the best Canadian Travel insurance policy for your travel requirements. You might have come across a list of travel insurance that covers all the medical emergencies that might hinder your travelling; however, did you know that various non-medical insurance options are available to help close any gaps in your emergency medical plan?

Non-medical Canadian travel insurance can support you in the event of the unexpected, such as flight cancellations or bag loss, among countless other things. Let us help you go through 5 common reasons why you would need non-medical travel insurance in this article:

1.    Unexpected Flight Cancellations

Can you think of a situation in which you have everything planned for your vacation, and then you find out that your flight has been delayed or you had to cancel your trip due to an important family matter or any other personal reason?

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to be lifted globally, many passengers are preparing to board flights, resulting in some aggravating flight delays and even cancellations. Our Canadian travel insurance can help you avoid losing all the non-refundable deposits you would have made for your ideal vacation if you cannot travel to your destination.

2.    Unexpected Flight Interruptions

It’s important to ensure coverage for unforeseen circumstances because airport delays and interruptions are becoming more frequent. What’s worse than a flight that gets delayed or interrupted just when you have all your plans set for your vacation?

Our best Canadian Travel Insurance can help you avoid unexpected situations that might cause trouble while travelling to your dream destination. Your flight can be interrupted due to several reasons as a result of a natural disaster at your destination or other reasons outside of your control.

You need to have our Canadian Travel Insurance for trip cancellation and interruption, not just emergency medical insurance if your trip is interrupted while you are already on vacation. We can help protect you and your wallet.

3.     For Loss or Stolen Baggage and Personal Items

What a misfortune it would be when you have reached your destination safely, but your suitcase is nowhere to be found! As long as you remember to buy this coverage before you leave, our non-medical Canadian travel insurance will pay for your lost, damaged, or destroyed luggage and personal items, wherever you might be travelling in the world, whether by land, air or sea. We ensure that our best Canadian travel insurance covers all your costs for stolen or lost baggage when you are travelling out of Canada.

4.     For Delayed Baggage and Personal items

This add-on non-medical travel insurance coverage will reimburse you for personal necessities up to the benefit limit to help tide you over if your bags are delayed. Personal necessities can include items like deodorant, toothbrushes, and other hygiene supplies.

Our best Canadian Travel Insurance will help you compensate for the delayed baggage or personal items because we don’t want you to waste your vacation time worrying about these items.

5.     Rental Car Coverage for your Destination

How much time would you save not having to worry about searching for a rental car when you arrive and instead, start exploring the destination right away? By purchasing our best Canadian travel insurance plan, you can avoid the hassle of determining what kind of coverage you need while waiting in line at the rental counter. To protect your rental car against physical damage or loss, Travel Guardian Insurance offers rental car protection as an add-on option to several single-trip travel insurance plans.

This coverage will assist in covering the costs if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation that necessitates towing or recovering your rental car. For more information about our insurance plans, contact us at 1-888-831-9338 or visit our website at: https://travelguardian.ca/en/canadians-traveling/