Travel Insurance Edmonton Company

The best way to go about a trip abroad is to own a travel insurance services policy that would shield you from unexpected mishaps in foreign land.

We provide some of the best affordable policies that one can get anywhere in the world.

No More Worries

In holidays it is such a fun now to travel anywhere in this world. You need not worry about anything and enjoy light heartily the long trips which are now made affordable by the policies offered by others.

The companies would not only bear the burden of medical bills but also ensure that you are not left bewildered and helpless in case you lose your luggage or the trip gets cancelled or you miss your flight. In fact it protects us in any events that are not foreseen.

It is almost 22 years since we have been helping the Canadians. Our fields of specialty are:

  • Travel Health
  • Visitors to Canada

We ensure that you have complete coverage to support you according to your age and health requirements and we will protect you in your travels.

Care for the Aged

TG helps make available the appropriate insurance services to people aged 60 or above. Otherwise it would not be fair that those who work hard all their lives would not be able to afford a warmer climate during winter or lose all their hard earned money in emergency situation in some faraway country.

Take advantage of our affordable travel insurance company plans which is cheap but invaluable at the same time!

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