Travel Insurance Brandon

Why Choose TGI For Your Travel Insurance Company?

We give you the best rates in Brandon – With more than two decades of experience in the affordable travel insurance services industry to back us up and an ever growing clientele of loyal and satisfied travelers if there is one thing that we can vouch for at TGI is that we know the Canadian Travel Insurance market inside out.

This is why we are able to give our customers travel policies that are highly affordable and are value deals when it comes to the number of claims that the policies can cover!

We Network with Canada’s Leading Insurance Agencies – At TGI we research the market for you and network with some of the best insurance company brands in Canada so that we can give you a whole range of affordable and suitable travel insurance policies to pick out from.

Our Insurance Policies are Highly Flexible – At TGI we completely understand that no two travelers can have the same type of insurance needs which is why our policies are completely flexible. We have travel protection for people of all age groups and health conditions. We also offer single insurance services policies, travel insurance for couples as well as annual insurance schemes for those of you who travel frequently to or from Canada for business or pleasure.

For your complete coverage call us or request for a free quote below right away!