Brrrr! Winter is here and if cold, dark wintery nights make you quiver at the thought of it and you would rather escape from the frosty winter and flock to warmer climates, you must be a “snowbird”.

Many Canadian retirees are known for their annual escape to spend much of their time in more comfortable, warmer regions. We are here with the best Canadian travel insurance to assist in deciding the most affordable and memorable choice for snowbirds with Canadian travel insurance coverage.


Florida is always on the top of the list for Canadian snowbirds. It’s equally fascinating for both; retirees and workers. It’s a go-to place for most Canadians during winter because of its warm and sunny climate, luxurious beaches and resorts like Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola Beach, and healthy and fun-loving activities like golf and watersports. The shallow and warm water excites visitors for swimming, boating, and having the most adventurous time of their lives.


Arizona, the most popular and exciting winter getaway destination for Canadian snowbirds, is preferred for its exquisite desert vistas and, most importantly, plenty of golfing opportunities. Scottsdale, Tucson, and Sedona are famous for their luxurious hotels and pleasant weather.


California is considered quite an expensive place to visit for winter vacations, but many Canadian snowbirds still prefer it due to its comfortable living and sunny weather. It’s quite an alluring place for beach, health-conscious, and wine lovers.


Apart from Florida and Arizona, Mexico is another exciting go-to place for Canadian snowbirds for their winter vacations. Tourists mainly prefer Mexico for its low cost, warm and pleasant weather, top-notch restaurants, and other facilities. The most appealing places are Puerto Vallarta, Lake Chapala, the Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, San Miguel de Allende, and Montañita.


Another favourite destination of Canadian snowbirds is Costa Rica, with its stunning beauty of the lovely rainforest and peaceful mountains, giving a soothing and eye-catching view. Its tropical and subtropical climate with dry weather compels snowbirds to have an adventurous trip in its unique wildlife and beautiful rainforest. Costa Rica, with its safe haven feature, is also referred to as the “Switzerland of the Americas.”


Cuba is the go-to place and home-like place for most Canadian snowbirds with its appealing islands, inexpensive beaches, and foreign destination at the most affordable prices; thus, the travel of Canadians to Cuba increased by about 15% a year.


Panama is the popularly increasing winter escape for Canadian snowbirds and retirees. It’s the safest, most peaceful, and inexpensive place for travellers, with lots of fun activities like golf, scuba diving, and hiking. It’s warm and tropical climate is most favourable for visitors in winter vacations.


The warm, tropical, and reasonable cost of living winter holiday destination, Puerto Rico, is considered by many Canadian snowbirds. It’s a large Caribbean island with stunning beaches and lots of activities like golfing, dolphin-watching cruises, sailing, and fishing which is attractive to many Canadian snowbirds.


With exquisite beaches, scenic greenery, and active volcanoes, Hawaii is a dreamy paradise and the best winter getaway destination for those looking for a luxurious trip and enchanting coastal views. The famous places in Hawaii are Hilo, Maui Island, Oahu, Garden Isle, and Kauai. Its beaches are primarily famous for diving, sailing, and other watersports.


Thailand is all about what one can dream of. The lovely beaches, exotic islands, beautiful clear sky, delicious food, and whatnot. If you are a nature-loving person, Thailand is for you, where the cost of living is relatively reasonable with the exotic experience.

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