Affordable and Effective Travel Insurance Coverage in Canada!

We provide you with the best travel insurance with the best coverage possible. Our specialists understand the policies offered by all the top Canadian Insurance companies which gives us the edge when gathering the latest, most affordable rates with maximum coverage to provide you and your family with solid protection!


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We have access to many underwriting plans designed just for your travel plans, age and health conditions!


Specializing in Snowbird Medical Protection!

We shop the market for the top travel insurance rates for you!

  • Outline the coverage you need while you are outside the country
  • Inform you about the many agency policies available
  • Provide only the best agency plan to suit you
  • Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your policy
  • Get the best rate possible


Not one size fits all!

As people come in various shapes and sizes, Travel Health Insurance comes in many different flavors and types. More often than not Company “A” may be the best fit for Mrs. but company “B” may suit her husband better. It’s our job to filter through the confusing jargon and fine print. We will provide you the best coverage available, and yes it may not be the least expensive in all cases, but what good is insurance, if it doesn’t deliver come claim time.