Trip Cancellation

Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption


Trip Cancellation – Prior to Departure

Travel Guardian’s Trip Cancellation plans protects your non-refundable prepaid expenses.  If you, your travelling companion, or a close family member (mother, father, brother, daughter, etc.) become sick or are injured before your trip starts, TRIP CANCELLATION Insurance can get your money back.


Trip Cancellation insurance, also, covers many other situations, such as:

  • A fire at your house
  • If you are called for jury duty, or are a witness in a court case
  • If you are quarantined
  • Your Tour Operator goes out of business
  • Terrorism or political upheaval in the country you wish to visit
  • Missed connections due to an airplane’s mechanical failure
  • Plus many more


You could be out of pocket for thousands of dollars → protect your investment and buy Trip Cancellation TODAY!


Trip Interruption – Already on your Trip?

Trip Interruption provides for transportation back to your departure point, for most of the reasons outlined in Trip Cancellation, shown above. If you had to purchase a ticket on your own, on a short notice, it could be quite expensive.



Always purchase Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption as soon as you book your trip, as you are at risk from that moment until you return home!


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