New Brunswick

Affordable Travel Insurance New Brunswick

When you are faced with unexpected emergencies on your holiday, being equipped with a sound New Brunswick travel insurance policy is not only smart but very essential for the safety and well being of yourself and your loved ones.

According to the most recent government figures more and more Canadian travelers including New- Brunswick residents that are experiencing medical and other unforeseen difficulties when travelling overseas which makes the subject of travel protection all the more important if you are planning on a holiday in the near future.

Specialized, Flexible and Affordable Policies

At Travel guardian Insurance we provide complete travel protection to our customers in NB, Canada through a very specialized and convenient process. With more than 22 years of experience in this industry we know exactly what our clients need when it comes to the matter of getting the right travel insurance policy.

Our policies are fully flexible yet come at cheap rates as we believe in providing our customers with travel protection that is suitable to their specific holiday or travel needs as well as their budget. In this way our clients get to choose from various policies for a sound travel protection plan which ensures a safe and worry free travelling experience that fits their holiday budget comfortably as well!

We Offer Comprehensive Coverage

Instead of comparing various travel insurance policies from brokers you can choose TGI to provide for all your travel protection needs. Our agency in New- Brunswick, Canada offers travel insurance coverage for a range of problems that you might face while holidaying abroad.

We offer insurance coverage if you need to cancel your holiday or cut it short in the case of any emergency back home. We have policies that will help you reclaim the cost of your property if it gets lost or stolen.

We  provide very comprehensive health insurance schemes for travelers with pre-existing conditions as well as others who can meet with medical emergencies or accidents in a foreign land as covering for medical emergencies when you are overseas can seriously damage your savings if you are stuck with a medical emergency and do not have a well covered travel insurance to pay out your hospital bills.

Now that you are aware of the paramount importance of having a sound protection plan get in touch with us and we will get you the most suitable insurance policy getting a highly affordable price for a safe and worry free experience!