Travelling is always exciting; but, it also comes with some uncertainty. If you have your Canadian travel insurance to cover the myriad risks, it will give you peace of mind, and you will have all the fun you planned for your trip without worry. Buying the best travel insurance can seem like a big task, so we are here to provide you with some key points to consider – including what to ask your travel advisor before buying Canadian travel insurance.

1.    What Coverage Do You Offer In Your Policy?

It is essential to clearly understand the coverage and clauses in your policy and how your policy will be claimed in case of any trip cancellation or delay. It is also very important to know the policy details as it relates to medical expenses such as coverage amounts and any exclusions or limitations when buying Canadian travel insurance.

2.    Are Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Going To Be Covered?

One of the most important terms you need to know when buying your policy is whether or not it will provide coverage for your pre-existing medical conditions. In case of any pre-existing condition, declare it to your travel insurer beforehand and ask your broker to review the policy wording for coverage if such a medical situation is not covered.

3.    Are Other Unsafe Excursions Covered?

Some travellers have plans for adventurous and thrilling activities during their escapes, and they plan to participate actively in sports and other high-risk activities such as skiing, parasailing, etc. If you are planning for such an exciting trip, discuss your plans with our best Canadian travel insurance team to get the maximum covered travel insurance policy.

4.    Is My Policy Time Sensitive?

Clearly understand your time frame for coverage, as most of the policies are time sensitive and will not cover additional days due to flight delays or interruptions; instead, your coverage will end on the day of your return. It’s better to understand the extension policy and inform your broker in case of any delay. Stay attuned to your timelines to ensure full coverage.

5.    Are COVID-Related Expenses Covered?

The most important question of today’s world is about the coverage of COVID-19 related expenses, especially while travelling. Some policies cover COVID-19 as another illness, but some exclude it. Discuss it with our best Canadian travel insurance team, who will assist you with a reasonable travel insurance policy with a COVID-19 coverage plan.

6.    Are Flight Delays And Interruptions Covered?

Travelling can be unexpected, and sometimes you have flight delays and interruptions because of adverse weather conditions, medical emergencies, etc. It is important to know that you are covered for all such unforeseen events, whether it’s due to a medical or non-medical emergency. It would be a good idea to ask your travel insurance advisor before buying your insurance, if it will transfer to the new trip dates in case of any delay.

If you want to get more information, let our best Canadian travel insurance team will guide you to protect your financial investment during the trip.

7.    How to Claim Travel Insurance in Need?

The most important thing one should know is how to submit a claim in case of any accident or illness abroad. This process can be distressing, but if you know the process and understand the documentation required before buying Canadian travel insurance, you can efficiently file a claim.

Claim process and timelines can be different for each provider. It is also essential to know the timeline to submit your claim if any issue has occurred. Always go for the one which assures a clear timeline to process the claim, and our best Canadian travel insurance team at travel guardian promise to provide a smooth claim process and timelines and make your experience seamless.