In an article published by the Toronto Star, columnist Ellen Roseman demonstrates why it is important to understand the travel insurance coverage offered by your credit card provider. Consulting with a specialist provides clarification of benefits and exclusions to ensure that you have the right coverage. Reading your policy wording and understanding the insurance policy’s terms and conditions is your responsibility. If you are unfamiliar with how each insurance plan works, wise to speak with a professional. Purchasing travel insurance prior to leaving on your trip is strongly advised. It can be challenging to do so once you have already left home.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Whether you are traveling out of province or out of country, travel insurance coverage will give you the peace of mind and security to avoid unforeseen expenses. It is important to know that not all coverage is the same, there is no “one size fits all” approach. There are many factors that are considered when purchasing the right coverage. An insurance broker can offer options for your travel insurance. Some of these may include pre-existing medical conditions, stability, age, trip length and cost of trip.

Options For Your Travel Insurance

Insurance plans are available to protect you should an unexpected emergency arise while on your trip. Customized plans are available to meet your individual travel needs. Whether you are traveling for a weekend getaway, multiple trips throughout the year, or have the luxury of escaping our cold Canadian winters to join the other snowbirds down south, you can purchase emergency medical coverage tailored specifically for you. Non-medical plans are also available, with the two most popular options being trip cancellation and trip interruption. Trip cancellation covers you prior to your departure date causing you to cancel your trip and trip interruption insurance would cover you on or after your departure date causing you to interrupt or disrupt your trip. It is important to know the difference. Each time you travel, regardless of the destination or duration, you should always ensure you have the proper coverage required for your trip.

Travel insurance coverage with your credit card provider

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