Before deciding on a location, you must consider the kind of experience you are looking for and how much you are being accommodated in that pricing. There are many things to think about when deciding whether to book a cruise or stay at an all-inclusive resort for your upcoming trip. After all, there’s nothing worse than discovering a sticker shock surprise on the final bill after a stress-free journey.

Do you wish to go someplace where everything is taken care of but can’t decide which type of trip will give you a memorable time? We’ll go over what you get with each type of trip to help you decide which is ideal for your upcoming vacations and which travel insurance will best suit you. We offer the best Canadian Travel Insurance to ease the troubles of your unexpected expenses.

The biggest difference between cruises and all-inclusive resorts is more land space. As a result, all-inclusive resorts can provide a broader range of amenities while seeming less crowded. But cruises are a fantastic alternative when you want to see multiple places in just one trip but don’t like to spend much time in any one location.

Let’s have a look at both:


Cruising is something we have a love-hate relationship with. We’ve listed our cruise trip pros and cons to help you understand exactly what you’re getting into with a cruise holiday.


Your room moves with you on a cruise ship, so you only have to unpack once (no packing/unpacking/repacking/unpacking again).
It is easier to manage the trip’s details.
It is simple, convenient, and pleasant.
Many cruises are known for their dining options and quality of food.
A cruise allows you to see multiple cities, countries, and places in one trip.
You can enjoy shows, participate in competitions, take cooking and computer classes, relax by the pool, explore the location, and meet new people.
Purchase cruise travel insurance – as soon as you pay the first installment for your trip.


You only get a limited time at each port (cruise stop location). Most cruises only make partial day port stops, leaving little time to explore.
One of the most common concerns about cruising is the large number of individuals in one spot.
There is limited room for additional flexibility and privacy.
Sea/motion sickness can be a major drawback for some people.
Internet access can be restrictive or slow


If you’re considering visiting an all-inclusive resort, look at the list below to determine if it’s the ideal fit for you. We hope to make your vacations fun and memorable by providing Canadian Travel Insurance, so make sure to do your research before deciding!


You don’t have to stress how much money you’ll need to spend on meals and drinks because everything is covered with the Travel Insurance plan we offer.
All-inclusive resort trips feel like the true essence of a vacation, with virtually all you need/want to in one location.
Excellent for first-time travellers as it is more relaxing, convenient and private.
You can have everything decided and prepared according to your budget without the last-minute surprise expenses.
Most hotel rooms and suites at all-inclusive resorts are usually larger than those on cruise ships.
Food and beverages are unlimited and accommodated.
When purchasing resort travel insurance for the first time, you may be unaware that your travel cancellation benefits begin the day you buy the policy.


Some resorts are very large, which means you may have to walk further from your room if you want to visit the pool or wish to enjoy a meal.
You have to pay extra charges for additional services like spa treatments, water activities or excursions.
Staying at the resort, you may not have a chance to explore the area and local culture unless you leave the resort area and plan a day-trip into the town or city.
Unless you are able to book a direct flight or vacation package, your travel time/flight options might be longer than desired.
Although both resort vacations and cruises have their advantages and disadvantages, one will be a much better fit for your needs if you plan according to your preferences to experience the destination. Choose a vacation plan that is best for you!