Summer vacation for many Canadian families is spent at a family cabin or possibly a cottage rental on the lake. School’s out – the “lake is calling and you must go”! Are you getting ready to experience the Lake Life this summer? Here’s an important tip regarding travel insurance to keep in mind before you leave home.

Lake Life Checklist: Be “Shore” to have Everything you Need!

You’ve gone over your checklist enough times to think you have everything you need. Swimwear, fishing gear, life jackets, water skies and the boat is in tow – check! But, don’t forget the sunscreen! As obvious as it may be, it’s always a good reminder to protect yourself with sunscreen to enjoy the the sun, and not a painful sunburn at the lake.

What does Sunscreen and Travel Insurance have in Common?

A not-so-obvious fact is that anytime if you leave home for a trip, your current medical coverage may not fully cover you. Particularly, if you’re traveling to your lake house in another province, make sure you have the proper out-of-province travel insurance in place. So, just like double checking your packing list for sunscreen, always double check your coverage, whether it be your credit card or group plan. If you don’t wear sunscreen, you risk the chance of a painful burn. If you travel without insurance, you also risk the chance of costly medical bills if an unexpected emergency happens. Either way, you don’t want to get “burned”. Wearing protective sunscreen is like having the proper travel insurance coverage.  Also, it gives you the confidence that if things get heated, you have the protection you need.

Get outside, go fishing or whatever floats your boat this summer without getting “burnt”!

We are always available and happy to help you if you have any questions regarding your travel insurance options.

Enjoy the Lake Life and happy travels this summer!