We can all feel the cooler air that October brings. While we bundle up, there are travellers who prepare to escape the cold weather with winter around the corner. Heading south is a good way to avoid the winter, and you should always travel confidently, knowing that you and your homes are safe. If you plan to travel outside Canada soon, ensure you know your travel insurance coverage.

Are you considering travelling for the holidays and spending time in Arizona, Florida, California or elsewhere? Whether you travel for six months or more, your travel insurance requirements vary from short-term vacationers.

Winter is a time for many Canadians to escape the cold and head south! There are a few important insurance concerns when packing your clothes and passport. Travel Guardian’s best Canadian Travel Insurance is essential for protecting your health when enjoying the winter in other countries. When getting travel insurance, it is vital to honestly answer all queries to acquire the greatest benefits and prevent any claims from being denied.

So, before heading down South, it’s better to have Canadian Travel Insurance for your peace of mind and a smooth, seamless travel experience.


Although you may be a Canadian staying in Arizona for the winter as a snowbird, you are a non-resident and a traveller within that country. This implies you must have travel insurance coverage at all times.

Our best Canadian travel insurance can cover trip cancellations, lost luggage, medical bills, and other costs when travelling overseas or within the country. Because overseas medical emergencies can be expensive, most people consider it necessary, particularly seniors aged 55 and up.


Sure, travel insurance can be expensive for those aged 55+, dependent on their medical history and the length of the trip. That’s why we recommend doing some research. With many insurance providers competing, you’re bound to find some fairly priced packages in our Canadian Travel Insurance Plan.

But Travel Guardian’s Best Canadian Travel Insurance is the option you should consider for your trip down South. We offer the best plans and packages for your travel that are not too heavy on your pockets.


To keep your home safe from threats, burglars and sudden accidents when you are away, it’s necessary to have home insurance. Ask for a regular inspection of your property by a trustworthy person, and check your current house insurance coverage. Ensure that all of your policy needs will be covered while you are away.


Having difficulties deciphering all of this travel insurance jargon? Travel Guardian provides specialized packages in the form of Canadian Travel Insurance, which is ideal for customers who frequently travel from Canada and desire the convenience of having yearly insurance that covers all of their journeys.

We offer the best Canadian travel insurance plan to travel internationally with peace of mind, knowing that unforeseen bills will not empty your pockets at the last minute. If you’re a snowbird who heads South during the winters, you may have certain health worries on your mind.

With Travel Guardian Insurance, you can get the best Canadian travel insurance, from your medical issues to your foreign journey. Click Here and get to know more about our Best Travel Insurance for Canadians.