Planning to travel, but one thing is continuously stressing your mind? “Travel Insurance.” Travel insurance may not be the most thrilling aspect of your trip, but it is one of the most crucial.

And while it may be essential coverage for various travels, there is a lot about travel insurance that is misunderstood.

Myth #1: Travel Insurance Only Provides Medical Insurance

The answer is NO! Many people usually question why they need Travel Insurance when they are fit and healthy to travel. But they don’t understand that travel insurance is not just limited to people with medical conditions.

For example, you are on a solo trip, and you trip over the curb and need stitches.  In such case your Emergency Medical Insurance can assist in covering these costs along with helping you find the appropriate care in the area you are travelling.

Travel Insurance Canada can provide much more than simply medical expenditures. It assists with mitigating financial loss caused by events such as luggage loss, airline delay or cancellation, costs incurred from losing a passport or other critical papers, and so on. To learn more about Canadian Travel Insurance, click here.

Myth #2: What Could Possibly Go Wrong On Such A Short Trip?

Essentially ANYTHING can happen. When told about having travel insurance, most people deny it. Their only emphasis is what can go wrong with us. We are equipped with everything useful to handle any situation. But have you thought about the natural calamities? What if the place you are travelling to suffers from a natural calamity such as a flood or an earthquake? Local insurance won’t cover your emergency trip cancellation or interruption.

Luckily, we offer the Best Canadian Travel Insurance for such events. We understand how difficult it can get for travellers in such situations. Learn More about the Best Canadian Travel Insurance.

Myth #3: If Something Goes wrong, we’ll Visit Any Hospital

It depends on where you are travelling to. However, the South East Asian region is much more affordable and cheap in terms of medical insurance than the Western region. The hospital bills in the western region become unbearable for many despite the local health insurance.

Travel Insurance Canada ensures that the clinic or hospital you are being treated in is of the highest standard, with competent doctors to look after you. Check out Canadian Travel Insurance to be well-equipped in an emergency.

Myth#4: The Existing Insurance Will Cover up Expenses

Will they? Most individuals believe that their local health insurance plans will cover them in case a certain situation arises. They think buying additional travel insurance will be unnecessary and costly.

The truth is, such domestic health insurance is limited to certain conditions and limitations on costs during it. While, Travel Guardian can find you Travel Insurance in Canada that could cover everything from trip cancellation to the baggage problem along with Emergency Medical insurance. Click here to know more about the Best Canadian Travel Insurance to have yourself covered.

Myth#5: Travel Insurance Is Only for People Who Travel Frequently

While regular travellers will undoubtedly profit more from a multi-trip annual travel insurance policy than someone who travels only once a year. Travel Guardian provides various options for the one-time traveller to someone who travels full-time — such as an ex-pat, returning Canadians or digital nomad.

Click here and know more about Canadian Travel Insurance to travel safely and for longer periods.